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Extracted from student posts.

  1. BGR – Corey. As the about page reads, BGR is  ”…constantly breaking stories in the mobile gadget space.” BGR provides a rich source of news about everything related to mobile devices but is categorized in such a way that it is easy to find stories on specific areas such as Blackberry or 4G. All of the stories I’ve read are for the most part objective in that they avoid trash talking brands and spreading rumors.
  2. Engadget – Corey. No mobility list would be complete without Engadget. These guys have  ruled the mobile world for quite some time their reporters such as Joshua Topolsky are well know but in this space. When Windows Phone 7 was announced, Engadget was by far the leading source of news on nearly every channel including TV news media.
    Derek – Sorry to go mainstream on this one, but Engadget’s mobile site is top-notch. This is one of the most respected sites in tech, and there is no shortage of smartphone prose to sift through. It’s got all the latest news and info, plus reviews, photos, podcasts and more. Everything you want in a mobile site, you can find it here. Follow the mobile section exclusively on Twitter @engadgetmobile.
    Kwame – A portion of the Engadget blog exclusively dedicated to mobile technology.
  3. Fierce Mobile Content: Mobile Applications News – Danielle. I’m not going to lie, Fierce Mobile Content is an ugly site. It is so chalk full of information you’re left yearning for some sort of photo or icon to deter your eye from all the text. But the reality is the text content is good. It is updated frequently and features information for all types of users as well as developers. It also touches on social media applications and how the mobile utilization of those is changing the way we operate in our everyday lives.
  4. GigaOM – Derek. GigaOm is not a mobile-only site, but it does a great job covering handhelds. A quick skim of the home page reveals stories on the iOS vs. Android battle, as well as five lessons learned from the Microsoft Kin debacle. This is a strong site full of useful info and links. Its mainmobile page is here, and you can follow them on Twitter @gigaom.
  5. GoMo News – Erika. GoMo News focuses more on the marketing and advertising side of the mobile world by diving into the business strategy and the latest campaigns from various companies. And since I’m obsessed with all things marketing and building out this area of expertise in the mobile space, it was like a moth to a flame…
  6. GSMarena – Sam. GSMarena is the one of the most famous websites about mobile industry news, events, technologies, people, and business issues. This source covers news about GSM technologies, phones, communication standards, providers, carriers, legislations, industry reviews. There is a convenient directory of almost all GSM phone producers in the world on the website. Also readers can find rankings of various mobile handsets, software for mobile phones, and recent reviews.
  7. – Sam. IntoMobile provides the latest news, information, and analysis on mobile phones and mobile technology development. It is one of the leading daily mobile industry news sources that is oriented to amateurs, mobile professionals, technology enthusiasts, and general consumers. The team of IntoMobile includes 7 experienced editors in the USA who write articles and make interview with industry’s thought leaders. The website also has many services and databases: Mobile Phone Database, Mobile Phone Shop,  Forums, Mobile Business Directory, Mobile Industry Jobs, Mobile Software Directory, etc.
  8. The iPhone App Blog – Nicole. This blog takes a different direction than Mobile Opportunity. While Mobile Opportunity looks at the mobile app market as a whole and explores how the industry can affect other businesses, the iPhone App Blog is simply a look into the best and worst iPhone applications, offering reviews and highlighting apps worthy of a little attention. Those in the business of mobile devices and applications may prefer Mobile Opportunity, however people who simply use and love smartphones might find the iPhone App Blog to be a more relevant online resource.
  9. Mashable – Erika. This is my top pick – I am drawn into the content this site is surfacing, from the news that Chase released an app that allows you to deposit checks via Iphones (hooray!!) to the study that finds Kindle and iPad books take longer to read.  I also find it extremely easy to scan, share, and see what others are finding fascinating.
    Kwame – Mashable is well known for the posts on social media but also offer high quality mobile content.
  10. MobiAd – Danielle. MobiAd is a website for mobile advertising news. It features everything from trade show highlights to upcoming applications. Not only is it frequently updated with the latest mobile news, it also features top mobile campaigns at the time for us marketers who are interested in what advertising styles are most effective.
  11. – Danielle. I love MobileActive because it addresses specifically how mobile applications can be utilized for greater good. I have been following this site since last fall when I took Emerging Markets (a class focusing on how technology can help sustain developing nations). It is especially interesting for those who want to learn more about health and community service-related applications.
  12. Mobile Burn – Yun. This website provides in-depth reviews of mobile devices to help keep its readers abreast of the most important news and product launches in the industry.
  13. Mobile Crunch – Erika. I like how clean this site is (many of the blogs and portals I stumbled upon were pure chaos) and there’s a certain quirkiness to the stories, photos and language that I find amusing and engaging. For example, the call out of someone on their cell phone getting hit with a baseball at a recent Yankees game as further affirming why things like the ipad are banned – that’s like comedy hour and news at the same time.
    Nicole – This is a great site for up to date news on various mobile devices. With easy-to-read writing and relevant stories, this website is a great source of information for those who want to be aware of the latest in smartphones.
  14. Mobile Opportunity – Nicole.  This blog is authored by Michael Mace, a principal at Rubicon Consulting. This blog takes an in-depth look into the market of mobile devices as well as smartphone and web applications. As a strategy/marketing consultant, Mace reflects on the world of mobile phones and has keen insight into how businesses can use mobile devices as an opportunity to further their brand.
  15. Mobile Phone Directory – Yun. This website for mobile communication is very well-organized with its clear and simple design.You can seek all aspects of mobile telecommunications information through its four main sections: Glossary of terms, Technology, Phones, and News. I like it’s neatly layout and useful classifications which bring convenience to its readers and make this site very impressive.
  16. The Mobile Weblog – Kwame. A blog exclusively dedicated to mobile devices and technology.
  17. TechFlash – Corey. TechFlash is one of my favorite tech news sites in general and provides a wide range of mobile related news. Their tag line reads: “Seattle’s Technology News Source” and they are just that. It could be argued that since many of the authors have ties to Microsoft they are biased in their stories but I still find this site extremely useful.
  18. Top 10 Tutorials To Develop iPhone Apps – Yun. I have found many useful articles here, for example: <Top 10 Tutorials to Develop iPhone Apps> is the one quite pertinent to our class content and it provides many insightful and practical tutorials for beginners to start with. I would suggest this site for gaining more updated mobile information especially in the aspect of apps.
  19. The Unwired – Sam. TheUnwired is the comprehensive online source of information about mobile communications, Smartphones, mobile apps, and mobile industry news. This source positions itself as the place “where mobility meets wireless”. Stay mobile, stay connect, stay up-to-date. The editorial is located in Europe, but covers issues in global scale. The website  is focusing on news, pre- and reviews, thoughts and tutorials about the wireless industry, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones as well as it includes a strong growing user community. Mainly the content of the website is oriented to professionals and geeks who want to keep track of recent events in mobile industry.
  20. Wireless and Mobile News – Derek. This site caught my attention for its simple design. It is clean, straightforward and easy to browse, which I feel are critical pieces of the puzzle. If I can’t find the info I need on your site, I’m out of there. At WMN, there’s enough meat to keep any mobile fan satiated, and the categories do a nice job of segmenting the info. Bottom line, there’s something to be said for usability and I really like the way this site feels. You can follow WMN on Twitter @WirelessMobile.

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