Application Summary : Workshop 1

Two assignments are summarized here: government/health apps from 28 June and “good-bad” themed apps from 9 July.

Apps : Good & Not-So-Good

Due 9 July. Student blog: analysis of three applications that you like and three that you don’t with explanation of why (evidence!) including screen captures (Kathy can show you how to capture screen image on iPhone). This is prep for Saturday’s workshop and ties directly to group project work and the first learning outcome. Missing: Corey & Yun.

Rating Application Summary/Student
Good All Recipes (iPhone) Erika
DropBox (iPad) Corey
Epicurious (iPhone) Erika
Facebook (iPhone) (Android) Derek , Danielle
Google Maps Navigation (Android) Danielle
Justin Bieber (iPhone) Nicole
Live Flight Tracker (iPhone) Sam
Maps (iPhone) Derek
Mocha VNC (iPad) Corey
One Bus Away (iPhone) Kwame
Pandora (iPhone) Nicole
Quick Tip (iPhone) Kwame
Seattle Freeways (iPad) Corey
Shazam (iPhone) Kwame, Nicole
Slacker Radio (Android) Danielle
Taxi Magic (iPhone) Sam
Whole Foods (iPhone) Erika
World Mate (iPhone) Sam
Yelp (iPhone) Derek
Not-So-Good AirPort Status – Free (iPhone) Sam
Beat the Traffic (iPad) Corey
Beer (iPhone) Kwame
Big Oven (iPhone) Erika
Calendar (iPhone) Derek
Flight Sites (iPhone) Sam
Google Latitude (Android) Danielle
Have 2 P (iPhone) Sam
I AM T-Pain (iPhone) Kwame
iLike (iPhone) Nicole
McCormick (iPhone) Erika
The Official Kim Kardishian App (iPhone) Kwame
Remoter -VNC (iPad) Corey
Rhapsody (iPhone) Nicole
Score Center (iPhone) Derek
ScreenShot (Android) Danielle
Top R&B Ringtones (iPhone) Nicole
UploadingIT (iPad) Corey
WordPress (iPhone) Derek
You Cook (iPhone) Erika
Zillow (Android) Danielle

Government / Health Apps

Due 28 June. Student blog : find and describe (with links!) three interesting government-or-health apps — link your post to our resources page.

Type Application Summary/Student
Government (iPhone) Erika
C-Span Radio (iPhone) Corey
Cabulous (iPhone) Erika
City Life (iPhone) Danielle
Congress (iPhone) Nicole
GORequest (iPhone) Derek
mUW (iphone) Corey
myGovernment (iPhone) Derek
SPL Mobile (iPhone) Erika
Seattle Crime Watch (iPhone) Derek
White House (iPhone) Nicole
Health Contractions For Mobile (iPhone) Danielle
Epocrates (iPhone) Sam
The Human Body (iPhone) Danielle
ID Podcasts (iPhone) Sam
Lose It (iPhone) Yun
MedScape (iPhone) Sam
Optimism For Mental Health (iPhone) Yun
Partnership For Prescription Assistance (iPhone) Kwame
Web MD (iPad) Corey, Nicole
Yoga Stretch (iPhone) Yun
Other The Extraordinares (iPhone) Kwame
One Day’s Wages (iPhone) Kwame

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