Brainstorming: Round 1

Here are your application brainstorming posts, the assignment that builds upon our first workshop:

  • Corey Christiansen – GovCast, Best In Town, Play Space
  • Danielle Gatsos – After School, Litter and Twitter, Seattle Channel
  • Derek Belt – Bus Talk, FreshFinder, City Sounds
  • Erika Takeuchi – Local Event Finder, First Thursday, MetroTrip Planner
  • Kwame Harlin – Lotto, Rewards, Best In Town
  • Nicole Maroutsos – Car Pool, Traffic, Volunteer Match
  • Sam Aitymbetov – HealthyFast, ColorMatcher, iConsulate
  • Yun Li – Education Finder, Volunteer Match, Weekend Recreation Finder, Charity Event Finder, Concert Finder, Free Wifi Spots, Compare Prices
Student App (Round 1) App (Round 2)
Corey GovCast
PlaySpace PlaySpace
Sam Healthy Fast
Color Matcher Color Matcher
Nicole Traffic
Volunteer Match Volunteer Match
Danielle After School After School
Litter and Twitter
Erika MetroTrip Planner First Thursday
YunLi Concert Finder
Education Finder Education Finder
Kwame Best In Town Best In Town
Derek City Sound / Concert Finder
Fresh Finder Fresh Finder

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