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Sports Unlimited

6 Aug

There have been many times I have driven home from work wanting to find some kind of athletic distraction to release the stress from a busy day. If I were a fan of solitary activities this would be no problem; I would put on a pair of running shoes and go for a jog, or hike. But the reality is I crave competition and need a team as well as a facility to compete at. I don’t have the kind of schedule that allows me to commit to teams or clubs, but there are definitely days when I wish I knew more soccer players I could meet up with, as well as a place to play.

Sports Unlimited is an iPhone and Android application. It would help athletes to connect and take advantage of the free resources around them, while enjoying friendly competition on a day to day basis. It will facilitate the coordination of events by individuals, teams, and after-school groups. It is the intent of Sports Unlimited to encourage physical activity as well as team engagement in athletes of all levels from the most advanced to beginners of all ages and demographics. This would be considered a productivity application because it would allow users to go through selection criteria to complete a task.

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Class Finder

31 Jul
Rationale: As learning is a crucial part in people’s life if they want get a better job or life, people’s needs for learning is increasing and the education market is huge, however, sifting through tons of school information will be time-consuming and exhausting if there is no systematic information platform for people to search. It will be very helpful and ideal if there is a tool that can be leveraged to help people to find perfect classes catering to their specific requirements and needs.

iPhone App: Road Report

31 Jul

The only thing predictable about the traffic in Seattle is that you’ll likely run into at some point during any drive.  Whether travelling on freeways, major highways or less travelled roads, it’s impossible to predict what kind of traffic you’ll encounter, where it will be and what kind of delay lays ahead.  Traffic delays can occur without much notice and, although news channels often report on traffic during commute times, there is traffic in Seattle around the clock.  If one is hitting the road from a location where there is no access to a television or a computer, that leaves few resources for them to learn of the current traffic conditions.  To ease the frustration of Seattle-area drivers, a more robust traffic-oriented mobile application is needed.

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