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Developing a Smartphone Application, A Slide Show For MCDM UW Smartphones

23 Aug

On Monday, (the 23rd) I got one of the top 3 presentations of the day on SlideShare! Thanks for the valuable knowledge Kathy!

Sports Unlimited

6 Aug

There have been many times I have driven home from work wanting to find some kind of athletic distraction to release the stress from a busy day. If I were a fan of solitary activities this would be no problem; I would put on a pair of running shoes and go for a jog, or hike. But the reality is I crave competition and need a team as well as a facility to compete at. I don’t have the kind of schedule that allows me to commit to teams or clubs, but there are definitely days when I wish I knew more soccer players I could meet up with, as well as a place to play.

Sports Unlimited is an iPhone and Android application. It would help athletes to connect and take advantage of the free resources around them, while enjoying friendly competition on a day to day basis. It will facilitate the coordination of events by individuals, teams, and after-school groups. It is the intent of Sports Unlimited to encourage physical activity as well as team engagement in athletes of all levels from the most advanced to beginners of all ages and demographics. This would be considered a productivity application because it would allow users to go through selection criteria to complete a task.

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GeekSpeek: SDK

31 Jul