Week 8 : Promotion Plans

16 Aug
  • Housekeeping
  • The Pitch
  • Hands-On :  App Promotion Plans


The Pitch

  • FirstThursday
  • FreshFinder
  • PlaySpace

Brainstorming Promotions

Hands-On: Review Promotion Plans and Wireframes

Demo request: Corey

Group work:

Reviews should focus on helpful feedback and questions — especially questions! Please focus on the new content — which is promotion plan and screenflows — also, feedback on logos/name, please.

Please jot these notes down electronically and send TO ME via email (subject line: iPhone Class – App Reviews). I will convey the feedback to the teams Tuesday when I include my comments, so they will be semi-anonymous.

General recommendations from Kathy

  • Provide an information flow overview — think of it like a site map on a web site — like this one from FirstThursday
  • Remember to provide illustration of competing/complementary apps – like this from PlaySpace
  • Provide details on data – like this from PlaySpace
  • Be sure to spell/grammar check (frequent mistake: it’s versus its)
  • Address “favorites” or “bookmarks” and any other customization — why you are or are not including
  • Because these are place-centric — consider adding a “tweet this” or “update Facebook status” feature
  • SeattleParks -> consider TheMountaineers as a sponsor.

Next Steps

  • Final application proposal (one per team) : Due Sunday 22 August at 6 pm. I will compile these into one document, so they need bio info (see the UGA New Media Lab project). Please be sure your final material contains all the parts. If you have been working in Word, please send me the Word Document. For posting on the web site, please use the “draft page” that has been created for your project.
  • See Our Projects post (which is also linked on assignments page)
  • Blog post: course reflection due Sunday 22 August at 6 pm (part of participation grade)
    This final assignment substitutes for a final exam. In this essay, you should reflect upon what you have learned in the course; give examples (evidence!); illustrate how your thinking changed or detail other “ah-ha” moments. How will you apply this learning? Look at your course goals from week one and see how they changed (or stayed constant) as the course progressed. 600-800 words.
  • Peer Review WebQ

Course Evaluations


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