Week 7 : Negotiating the Apple Store

9 Aug


  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Speaker : Jim Bricker
  • GeekSpeak
  • Lecture/Screenflow Practice
  • Hands-On : Review Our Apps


Guest Speaker and GeekSpeak

Lecture/Screenflow/Final Project

  • Heuristic Analysis (ppt, Slideshare)
  • Screenflow exercise (pairs)
  • Final Project (format)

Hands-On: Review Our Apps

Reviews should focus on helpful feedback and questions — especially questions! What would you say to your internal team if you were the agency reviewing this pitch? Would you recommend continuing development? Why or why not? Please jot these notes down electronically and send TO ME via email (subject line: iPhone Class – App Reviews). I will convey the feedback to the teams Tuesday when I include my comments, so they will be semi-anonymous.

Team Time

Next Steps

  • Screen flow (wireframe draft) : due August 16 at 9 am
  • Promotion plan (draft) : due August 16 at 9 am
  • Class pitch : due August 16 at 6 pm
  • Final application proposal (one per team) : Due Sunday 22 August at 6 pm. I will compile these into one document, so they need bio info (see the UGA New Media Lab project) and we need to agree on a format.
  • See Our Projects post (which is also linked on assignments page)

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