Class Finder

31 Jul
Rationale: As learning is a crucial part in people’s life if they want get a better job or life, people’s needs for learning is increasing and the education market is huge, however, sifting through tons of school information will be time-consuming and exhausting if there is no systematic information platform for people to search. It will be very helpful and ideal if there is a tool that can be leveraged to help people to find perfect classes catering to their specific requirements and needs.

Class Finder is such an application that have done all this work for people. It offers comprehensive data base (school information, class schedules, locations,tuition) for people to look up the very information they want. People can search by their locations, time periods to finally locate one class or course.This app is aim to provide a mobile, convenient tool for any learners to find classes , courses or tutors for their specific learning needs and interests. This app includes a wide range of education information for a wide range of audiences. It not only provides degree course information but also offers certificate program information, also, if you are interested in learning a new instrument like flute, guitar or drums, this app is also helpful for you for it provides you with corresponding tutor’s contact information and their students’ reviews.

Audience: There will be no specific age limitations. This app not only designs for students in high school who are preparing to enter a college but also for any people who have the plan to learn something new and need to acquire corresponding class information.

Competing products: College Finder, Campus Finder

These two apps have the similar ideas that help people to find classes through their “career assessment test” , “browse professions” or “special programs”, these search method has no problem and the categories are good, however, the school and class information provided is very scarce and obviously not enough. After i input the zip code, took the “career assessment test” and got several professions that fit me, i tap one of them and it gave me a few list of universities, after i tap one of this universities, i only got two choice: one is to request Info which requires your name, phone number and high school graduation year, the other option is call live advisor. I don’t want to call, so I just submit the information and that’s it. Nothing happens. I am just wondering how and when can i receive their promised “free information”. The only information i got through this app is just a small list of schools, no introduction, description and any other class information were provided. The app’s overall design is not bad, its step by step, clear and obvious,  nevertheless, there was no immediate useful information pop up for the users. What a fatal weakness! In addition, they don’t provide experimental college classes or information like  private tutors. That is also a con to the app due to their weak information data base. In the contrast, Class Finder will provide a very comprehensive class date base to student with In-app class detail information including time,registration information and tuition fees. People can find almost any kind of class as long as they have figured out what to learn.


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