Week 6 : App Selection, UI

30 Jul


  • Housekeeping
  • GeekSpeak
  • Review and pitch (pairs for practice, then to the entire room)
  • Hands-On
  • Play
  • Our Apps



Review and Pitch

We’ll break into pairs and pitch/question. I want everyone to be sure to speak to these two things — where are you going to get your data and who would be a logical sponsoring organization (NFP or government preferred).

After the one-on-one trial run, everyone will give a pitch to the class. We will vote after lunch — you’ll vote for projects by indicating which you’d like to work on. You’ll rank all of them.

Assignment Was Due 5 pm 30 July

  1. Corey: PlaySpace (***)
  2. Danielle: n.p. (10.30 Sat)
  3. Derek: Fresh Finder (***)
  4. Ericka: First Thursday (***)
  5. Kwame: Best In Town
  6. Nicole: Road Report
  7. Sam: ArtLife
  8. YunLi: Class Finder




  • Working in pairs, identify the features you would look for (as a consumer) in an application from your favorite airline. Be specific. Describe scenarios that show the features in use (tasks).
  • Now compare these applications: American Airlines (iTunes web), Alaska Airlines (iTunes web) and Southwest Airlines (iTunes web)
  • Analyze screen flow — which functions do you think should be easily accessible (and are they)? How well does the UI work? How well does it conform with interface guidelines? Sketch out the flow.
  • Which application would you pay money for and why? How much would you pay?



Our Apps

Results of voting.

Next Steps

  • Application precis (draft) : rationale, audience, competing products – due August 9 at 9 am
  • Screen flow (wireframe draft) : due August 16 at 9 am
  • Promotion plan (draft) : due August 16 at 9 am
  • Class pitch : due August 16 at 6 pm
  • Final application proposal (one per team) : Due Sunday 22 August at 6 pm.
  • See Our Projects post (which is also linked on assignments page)

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