30 Jul

App rationale

The huge part of modern city lifestyle is occupied by cultural activities, including art and music education. According to The Americans for the Arts study (2007), arts organizations in the USA generate $166.2 billion in economic activity, support 5.7 million jobs, and return nearly $30 billion in revenue to the government. Moreover, “many studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between music education, brain development, academic achievement and success later in life” (Gambini, 2010).

Seattle has strong art community that provides education opportunities for thousands of young people in and out of school. The city has long been known as the heart of the Punk/Grunge culture. According to 2005 Survey of the Arts Community, there were 197 programs organized specifically for youth in Seattle. The city government has launched 5-year Arts Education Partnership Initiative from 2008 with annual funding of $100,000.

There are a number of educational institutes in Seattle where students can study art, music, painting, design. The most famous schools include Cornish College of the Arts, The Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle Pacific University’s Department of Visual Arts, Seattle University Fine Arts Department, and the University of Washington School of Art. There are also several specialized art centers and schools: Seattle Academy of Fine Art, School of Visual Concepts, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Sev Shoon Arts Center, Roaring Mouse Creative Arts, Neo Art School, Color Wheel Studio, and Artwerks By Nancy Fulton. Other options include more focused providers: the Photographic Center Northwest, Pilchuck Glass School, the Monart Drawing School, and the Seattle Center Academy.

App purpose

The application will be used as a tool for research about available art and music classes in Seattle and local art community life. The users of the mobile app could explore educational opportunities by its location, economic costs, schedule, quality, and additional benefits. It will provide such information as the list of classes with description, address and contact details, instructors names, their ratings, fees, schedule of classes, comments, photos and other details. The mobile platform that can be used for mobile app could became iPhone and Android as the most popular in the USA.


–          Browse classes by type: music, visual art, sculpture, graphic design, photography.

–          Search in the database of schools and in the comments using keywords,

–          Browse classes and schools by location (GPS based) ,

–          Filter schools by age, time and other requirements,

–          Send email and make calls,

–          Read and write comments, discuss classes,

–          See and upload pictures,

–          Share and search for textbooks.


There are several segments of users who could be interested in this app:

–          High school students,

–          College and university students,

–          Adults and seniors.

Available competing apps

College Finder, Campus Finder, School Finder, schools apps

Sponsoring organization: The City of Seattle/Seattle Public Schools Arts Education Partnership Initiative, Arts Corps


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