Three Automotive Apps

19 Jul

From this month’s Consumer Reports, I give you three examples from a genre that clearly relates to “mobility”:

1. Car Finder

car finderWho among us has not stepped into a parking lot and thought, “Now where did I park my car?” CarFinder (99-cents, iTunes). From iClarified, we see this is an example of augmented reality:

Once you load the application it uses the camera viewfinder to see an overly of where your car is, the direction it is located, and how far away it is.

More importantly, for me, it also has a parking meter timer and will shout at you if your meter is about to expire. (Happened to me last week – parking ticket for being 5 minutes late.) The app has limited-to-zippo functionality in a parking garage due to its reliance on the phone’s GPS signal. Recommended by a variety of pubs, online sites.

Car Finder

2. iWrecked

iwreckedIf you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that the rush of adrenaline can throw your rational brain processes right out the window. Enter iWrecked, which walks you through the things you need to do, like taking photos of the scene and getting info from the other driver(s). You can also use it to find nearby taxi and/or towing companies (if you don’t have AAA … hmmm, do they have an app? Update: yes they do, AAA Roadside).

It’s free (iTunes) and was recommended by the NYTimes.


3. RepairPal

If your car breaks down while you are away from home — this app might come in handy. It will help you locate a tow truck (AAA, anyone?). Its non-mobile features include record keeping and service reminders. This is an app that serves as an extension of a brand.

It’s free (iTunes) and coming to Android; the company also has a mobile site.

Repair Pal


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