New Mobile Apps Ideas

19 Jul

1) HealthyFast

The purpose of the mobile app is to find a medical specialist by specialization, location, and time and to make an appointment in accordance with available schedule of particular specialist. The app provides the windows in a schedule and location of available specialist on mobile phone screen and allows filling out form for appointment instantly. The directory of specialists includes dentists, chiropractors, and ophthalmologists.

Audience: There are two audiences for this app – specialists and patients. We assume that specialists can benefit from this app in balancing their load and finding new patients, especially if its newbie specialist on market. Patients can easily browse among specialists to find the closest by time and location specialist, without wasting time on calling them.

Competitive apps: iScheduler, Find a Dentist (iDentist),  Find a Doctor (iDoctor), iLocate – Chiropractors

Sponsoring organizations: UW Medical School,, The American Chiropractic Association, American Dental Association, etc.

2) iConsulate

This app provides support for travelers with finding schedule, location and making an appointment for obtaining a visa. The advantage is that people can make an appointment without visiting consulate and staying in a line.

Audience: The main interest for this app can have US travelers, who want to visit countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and foreign citizens, who need a visa to visit the USA or the Schengen Agreement countries (EU). Taking into account the growing tourism worldwide, this app will help to regulate and to simplify visa procedures for consulates.

Competitive apps: Travisa, Travel Visa Shake

Sponsoring organizations: US Department of State, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Tourists associations

3) ColorMatcher

The app can help to color blind and visually impaired people to find out a real color of an apparel, picture, and paint, any other object by taking picture or using cam on a phone.

Audience: About 8% males and 2% females in US are color blind. The mobile app can help them overcome the problem of color identification in their everyday lives using mobile phones.

Competitive apps: iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant

Sponsoring organizations: The American Optometric Association, American Foundation
for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind


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