Idea flash out

19 Jul

Education finder – find classes from multiple schools by topic

audience: people who are seeking education information and trying to figure out which school to go purpose: help people to find the most suitable class catering to their needs sifting through different schools
competing apps: TAFE Queensland Mobile
possible organization sponsor: Universities, Colleges, and other educational institutions

What  to do on a weekend on a nice day – something new to do on a sunny Saturday (sharing and picture uploading)

audience: people who are seeking creative ideas for their weekend and who would like to share their happy moments with others
purpose: help people find new spots or activities for spending their weekend; social networking
competing apps: Gowalla
possible organization sponsor: Local entertainment spots,parks,bars

City-specific volunteer match – organizations looking for volunteers on x-day and time

audience: organizations who are seeking for volunteers and people who want to be volunteers
purpose: as a middle man to match the volunteer to corresponding organizations
competing apps: ivolunteer
possible organization sponsor: organizations who are seeking volunteers

Charity event finder

audience: people who are enthusiastic for charity events
purpose: make charity event more accessible to masses
competing apps: ivolunteer
possible organization sponsor: Charity organizations

Compare price of same item in different stores

audience: shoppers
purpose:help shoppers to find lowest price goods
competing apps: Shopspark, The Grocery Game,Pricomatic(windows apps) Local Gas Price
possible organization sponsor: supermarkets, retail stores, farmers markets

Local concert/live music finder

audience: people who like live music and concert
purpose:  bring convenience to people who like music and concert
competing apps : iLike
possible organization sponsor: Local artists, theaters

Free wifi spots that you can filter by food, coffee, neighborhood etc

audience: people who are seeking venues that providing free wifi
purpose: help people to find a free wifi spot in a fast manner
competing apps: no similar apps I have found
possible organization sponsor: free wifi providing venues


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