Expanding on App Ideas

19 Jul

Traffic Application

Audience: The audience for a more sophisticated traffic application would be anyone with a car. Whether commuting to or from work, driving to an appointment or just meeting a friend, everyone wants to be on time and this traffic would make it easier to gauge traffic and make it happen.

Purpose: The purpose of the application would be to give the user an idea of traffic on freeways and major highways at any given time.

Features: One feature of this application would be approximate drive times between various suburbs and towns as seen on electronic highway signs. There would also be maps with symbols indicating level of traffic flow at any particular time. In addition, the user would put in their start and end location and the app would estimate the amount of time the commute would take with the current traffic conditions. Lastly, the app would also suggest alternative routes with less congestion.

Competing Apps: CLO Software’s “Traffic” and “Traffic View 2010.”

Carpool Finder

Audience: Anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment by carpooling to and from work.

Purpose: To connect commuters with others who travel similar routes in order to create carpools.

Features: Users map their routes using GPS and the application connects users with others by comparing routes. The app would provide a messaging system that would get users in touch with each other based on suggestions from the application. The application would also offer environmental tips that are relevant to transportation.

Competing Apps: Carticipate by Carticipate, Inc

Volunteer Match

Audience: People looking for local volunteer opportunities and non-profit organizations looking for help.

Purpose: The purpose of this application is to connect volunteers with volunteer opportunities. If non-profit organization has an upcoming event for which they need help, they can post the opportunity to the application’s calendar with contact information for potential volunteers searching the app.

Features: The application would feature a calendar that would organize volunteer opportunities by date. There would also be the feature of searching opportunities by type of non-profit, length of commitment and location within a particular city.

Competing Apps: iLocate Volunteer Organizations, Catalista: Volunteer Locally!


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