Weeks 3&4 : Workshop

10 Jul



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Reading Reflections (1st set of three)

  1. Corey : The ever-changing development strategies for smartphone apps
  2. Danielle : no post
  3. Derek : The iPhone Is That Easy (thinking about interaction design – Apple Human Interface Guidelines)
  4. Erika : PC Scout (thinking about interaction design – Apple Human Interface Guidelines)
  5. Kwame : no post
  6. Nicole : Reading Reflection (thinking about business/purpose – Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps)
  7. Sam : MicroMobileFun Fate of Mobile Apps (thinking about interaction design)
  8. Yun Li : no post

Assignment Summary

Analysis: iPhone App For Health


  • What specific problem does the application solve?
  • What makes the app “mobile”?
  • Pluses and minuses of this approach?

Geek Speak

GSM service provides 82% of the global mobile market and is used by over 2 billion people across more than 212 countries and territories. (source)

Download/Broadband speed chart

Guest Speaker : T.A. McCann

App Analysis

1. Everyone compare FourSquare and Gowalla. Check out both the websites (FoursquareGowalla) and store descriptions (Foursquare: iPhoneAndroid; Gowalla : iPhoneAndroid).


Gowalla v Foursquare

Gowalla v Foursquare : Tweets From Each App

Foursquare - Check In Screen

Foursquare - Check In Screen (iPhone)

Gowalla - Check In Screen

Gowalla - Check In Screen (iPhone)

2. Everyone pick two comparables from the Application Summary (preferably government or health)

3. Examples: App Analysis (good/bad); themed analysis – Erika (food), Nicole (music), Sam (Travel)

Questions to guide discussion:

  • What specific problem does the application solve?
  • Who, specifically, is the audience?
  • Describe 2-3 use cases/scenarios
  • What makes the app “mobile”?
  • Ratio of sizzle (“flash”) to steak (“content”)?
  • Integration of sensors such as GPS or accelerator?
  • Screen flow – what’s on the home screen? How many choices? How deep do you go?


Ideas for apps for the group project(s)

Next Steps

Regularly scheduled assignments:

Project assignment TBD based on workshop

  • Pick three-four ideas from the list (or develop some more) and flesh out audience / purpose / competing apps / ideas for sponsoring organization – post to this (course) blog by 9 am Monday 19 July (our next class)

5 Responses to “Weeks 3&4 : Workshop”

  1. Kathy E. Gill 10 July 2010 at 9:24 am #

    * Create incentives for people to get to know their city
    * Encouraging walking
    * Tricking us into exercise
    * Tourism app — go out and find information about the city
    * Quirky stories/trivia – required a lot of work
    * Audience – new students, parents, tourists
    * Organization – health-based organization, university (admissions), chamber of commerce/tourism
    * Accessible to multiple devices (web app)
    * Doesn’t use GPS – limited features due to browser
    * Not a lot of value in doing it again
    * Basically a one-shot application …
    * Seasonal theme?
    * More interaction – upload their own content
    * Upload new stories, facts
    * Using the GPS, can see who else is using the app at the very moment — orientation, graduation, games, etc — tie into FourSquare or Gowella

  2. Kathy E. Gill 10 July 2010 at 12:12 pm #

    Notes from T.A. McCann

    * Email communication as infrastructure (web, client and mobile)
    * 2003 : Blackberry was only game in town for mobile email – corporate would pay
    * 2004 : Service delivery platform
    * Jump To Go – mobile music space – baked into radio player with tagging
    * 2007 : Gist – it’s about harnessing information – particularly important for people who spend much of their time out of the office. iPhone and Android apps, maybe Blackberry
    * Thinking about which platform to develop first — who are the early adopters who will tell others, distribution (iTunes), user experience (Blackberry v iPhone), difficulty in developing (too many variables in Blackberry platform)
    * Lots of people building iPhone and Adroid app … not a lot of individuals building Blackberry apps (companies, not individuals)
    * Microsoft Kin discussion
    * “I’m not an early adopter, I’m a useful adopter”
    * Challenges in developing : distribution, carriers, Google’s giving away OS for free
    * Mobile-specific feature : one click “I’m running late”
    * Android-specific feature: can access dialer
    * xobni is closest competitor at the same scale
    * in some ways better than linkedin because no invitations required
    * add number followers on Twitter – LinkedIn connections – FB friends– G2 score

  3. Kathy E. Gill 10 July 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    Gowalla v Foursquare

    * Login/create account
    — Foursquare allows cellphone number
    — Both allow FB checkin

    From Foursquare web: “Foursquare was created to motivate people to discover interesting things around them.”

    * What problems do apps solve?
    — Helps you find places – figure out where your friends are or have been – help promote small businesses
    — Foursquare “tips” actually helps solve problems whereas everything else is entertainment/game
    — Find friends or find new people you haven’t met
    — Foursquare looks like a game – doesn’t look like a professional networking
    — TEDx event – you could follow the Twitter stream to get an idea of what people were saying

    * Audience / Scenarios
    — Street promo teams could use these apps
    — Business promos
    — People who want freebies
    — Social gaming; Foursquare has a chase element to it
    — People who like staying socially connected
    — Option to monetize – prestigious psychology (buy badges)

    * What makes them mobile?
    — GPS to make suggestions

    * Ratio sizzle to steak
    — Icons make Gowalla sizzly but limited (some are rare)
    — Foursquare badges
    — Gowalla has customized icons for places (++)

    * Screen Flow
    — Nav at the bottom on iphone, on top for Android
    — Gowalla: add friends/check in (seems to be home screen)
    — Foursquare: check-in (seems to be home screen)

  4. Kathy E. Gill 10 July 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    Nicole – Corey
    * DailyBurn (free or subscription) – more robust
    * LiveStrong ($2.99)

    Audience : anyone who wants to lose weight although focused on diabetics
    Mobile : because you don’t work out at your computer (to check or record in real-time)
    Screen Flow : almost exactly the same

    Kwame – Yun
    * SoundHound (a few more features; you can sing the song yourself)
    * Shazam (a little cleaner interface)

    Music search and discovery applications – solve the problem – IDing songs you don’t know the name of.

    Audience: anyone who likes music
    $ : free/paid on both
    Mobile: designed for when you are on the go and hear a song
    Shazam incorporates GPS
    Screen Flow: tap to listen to song; sharing features on both; both have “buy” feature; related artists

    Derek – Erika also did these two … free you are limited in the number of songs you can tag per month

    SoundHound can create a Pandora station with one click/link

    SoundHound keeps you within the application at all times — a big plus interface-wise

    Danielle – Sam
    Pandora v Slacker Radio (Android)

    Both satellite-radio type applications.

    Slacker shows all genres/sub-genres but Pandora is only showing predefined stations. Slacker cannot create stations but it has lyrics. Pandora has purchase option but did not see that option in Slacker. Pandora ads were more localized (GPS integration). More frustrated with Pandora than Slacker. Pandora integrated with Twitter and Facebook; Slacker integrated with Twitter.

  5. Kathy E. Gill 10 July 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    Ideas for applications for the class

    * C-SPAN or some kind of government video player (Access WA)
    * Connect people with similar dreams or hobbies
    * IDs – bars and clubs could use an app to scan your ID to see if valid
    * GPS to find local venues – fields, stadiums, gyms – open and free for after school activities – sign up if needed
    * Education – exchange questions about different words (like Aardvark? but connected to location)
    * No way to talk to the bus system – file complaint on the spot (kinda like reporting potholes)
    * More sophisticate traffic app — Google Maps is very limited — Mariners game so I need to leave early — construction projects
    * Carpool finder – GPS your route – connect you
    * Education finder – find classes from multiple schools by topic
    * Something like Freecycle
    * Lotto – purchase via an app – scan your ticket and see if you won
    * FixMyHair – take a picture of your face and suggests hair cuts – share on FB and Twitter before scissors (or color)
    * Reporting litter – with photo
    * What do to on a weekend on a nice day – something new to do on a sunny Saturday (sharing and picture uploading)
    * Pickup game in park … find people on a map
    * City-specific volunteer match – organizations looking for volunteers on x-day and time
    * Historical picture finder – seattle area historical pictures – see what current location looked like in the past
    * HaveYouSeenMe – like children on milk cartons (Amber Alert?)
    * ColorMatcher -for people who are color blind
    * Database available medical specialists by location
    * A local non-profit database that is calendar-driven (meetings, volunteer oppty)
    * Art Walks – a guide/map
    * Farmers Market locator – with reviews (like a mini-Yelp) — same thing for PeaPatches
    * Eco-footprint app — all your inputs, where you drive, what you eat and suggest ways to reduce footprint
    * Rewards – lost dogs, crimes with rewards
    * Exercises : a guide to how to learn a yoga pose or split
    * GeoRoma : describe smells in this location at this time
    * Families – kid-specific, family-friendly, dog-friendly things to do
    * Better Bus App : actually putting address and tell specific time
    * Buddy system for students
    * Coast Guard – Citizen Action Network – tie people together with an app – take pics and upload directly
    * Compare price of same item in different stores
    * Taxi finder (one bus away for taxis)
    * Origami Mami – ex, napkins for dinner parties
    * Scientists – effectiveness of pharmaceuticals
    * News aggregator for the city that is forum-based
    * At-home remedies
    * Book reviews that are tagged and publicly shared/searchable
    * State park finder
    * BestInTown – chicken dish you love and find the “best” in town based on where you are
    * TravelPacks – what to pack when you visit somewhere
    * VisaMaker – embassies and consulates
    * Local concert/live music finder
    * Car problem diagnostic service
    * Charity event finder
    * WebMD type symptoms database
    * Plus natural remedies
    * Sites to see, specifically “views” – check off on some kind of list
    * Neighborhood 411 app – neighborhood watch-like app
    * Grocery store weekly ad aggregator
    * Vigilante – see someone committing crime, snap and picture and upload it
    * Monitoring seasonal movement of animals for biologists (crowdsourcing)
    * Bike trails within the city
    * Free wifi spots that you can filter by food, coffee, neighborhood etc
    * JuryDuty – virtually submit your judgment
    * WanToTalk – “chatroullete”
    * Reservations for city equipment on mobile device (instead of web)
    * Hiking companion – tell you what scenic spots are around
    * Blood pressure app

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