Week 1 : Introductions

21 Jun


  • Introductions
  • Guest Speaker: Sarah Schacht on open government/data
  • Lecture
  • Overview/Schedule
  • Signup for Geek Speak
  • Be added to course blog


  • Name and smartphone/device. :-)
  • Something you’d really like to know by the end of the course

Guest Speaker

Food Break


Why A Smartphone Class? (ppt, Slideshare)


  • What we’re doing and why (syllabus, assignments, how to find course notes)
  • Schedule recap
  • GeekSpeak signup
  • Course blog signup | give Kathy your student blog address and email used with WP
  • Twitter hashtag for the class? – #uwsmartphone

Assignments for Next Week

  • Reading assignments are on the schedule page
  • Student blog : by 9 am Monday – your learning goals for the course
  • Student blog : by 9 am Monday – find and describe (with links!) three interesting government-or-health apps — link your post to our resources page. Practice good (SEO) headline writing – no “assignment one” as a subject line.

One Response to “Week 1 : Introductions”

  1. kegill 21 June 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    Notes from Sarah’s talk:

    * NetSquared – source for social entrepreneurship — see Mobile Apps

    * Ushahidi

    * NY State Senate – Mobile

    * Cricket Mobile

    * Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Contest

    * David Eaves – Vancouver BC

    * King County just had its first Open Data workshop

    * Seattle Data

    * Parking Mobility


    Another link on open data, from BlackberryCool


    Our devices:

    * HTC HD2
    * iPhone 3G, 3G2 (and maybe 4)
    * iPad
    * Nokia (?)

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