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Week 2 : What Makes A Good App?

28 Jun


  • Lecture (with some  GeekSpeak)
  • Guest Speaker : Brad Ellis
  • Your Picks : what and why
  • Analysis: iPhone app for health – pdf

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Week 1 : Introductions

21 Jun


  • Introductions
  • Guest Speaker: Sarah Schacht on open government/data
  • Lecture
  • Overview/Schedule
  • Signup for Geek Speak
  • Be added to course blog

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Campaigning: There’s An App For That

20 Jun

From AP:

Maintaining a Facebook page and Twitter feed has become standard practice for political candidates seeking to get their message out. And some are even creating iPhone applications so supporters can follow their campaigns and make contributions on the go.


Doug MacGinnitie, a Republican running to be Georgia’s secretary of state, has an iPhone app that provides information about his campaign and helps supporters donate money. Friends approached him about making one for the campaign last year, and it’s been downloaded roughly 200 times, he said.

“I don’t think it’s going to change the course of history, but I’ve gotten comments from people who think it’s cool,” MacGinnitie said. “It reinforces the notion that I come from the business world, which is generally quicker to embrace technology.”